Monday, April 24, 2017

RISE FITNESS website/logo artifact

This is the logo I designed for our gym that was outfitted to exclusively provide people in wheelchairs a community to better themselves. The circular shape is not only inspired by the wheel, but state of one being a whole. A well rounded or complete individual, no matter the challenges.

(unfortunately, Autodesk would not let me change or add fonts, I think because I had the free version? this problem was evident in my website concept as well)

The landing page of the website would display the logo in the center, surrounded by the circle of like minded individuals coming together around RISE FITNESS to make them part of pie. no scrolling or confusing tool bars. simply select one of the eight options and a new page would  open giving you all the information you would need. in the background, ordinary people who have become extra-ordinary.

(I knew I wouldn't find the exact template I wanted to create. so I drew this one up as a visual concept)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Compose Your Frame

This picture was taken at Judd's General Store in St. George Utah. By yours truly. I feel it best represents The Diagonal Rule, because the picture was taken at an angle so that the even, straight shelving would have more character. they lead the eye starting with the broadest images, those easy to identify, and glide across the shelves to the slowly disappearing merchandise on the other side. It also displays a good indication of Graphic Vectors. giving the still image motion and depth. You feel inclined to look across the entire image and then come back.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Design Evaluation


Both of these Propaganda Posters are effectively conveying a message, without coming out right and saying it. The Rebellion use the Identity of their symbol of hope and freedom to instill courage into the hearts of those throughout the galaxy. The contrast of deep space works well against the glow of, what would be Alderaan. Because arguably everybody knows what the evil Empire did to the peaceful planet. The day millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

The Empire uses the same tactic on their prints. They too use the Rebellions symbol, but they have flipped its meaning and cast its darkness against an alerting burning sky. to those in the federated territories, the symbol means terrorism! But, because The Empire's design team are a bunch of tyrannical, single minded extremists, they've showed the Rebellion fleet raining down fire and death on to, what could be, your world.

Both of these propaganda posters are effective, their collateral is similar and organized, they're nearly identical. Both make you feel a visceral response within their own iconography. One is hopeful, the other is fearful. If you're for the Rebellion, you know what they did to Alderaan, you know what you are up against, and you know what you must do. Enlist! It says it, without really saying it. NEVER FORGET, they've done it before, they'll do it again. The same is said with the Empires poster. Their campaign to slander and denounce what the rebellion stands for with fear, and it works! We must join the Empire, because the other guys are terrorists!

Now let's take a look at these, bad, horrible, propaganda posters.
With both of them, compared to the others, they seem dull or faded or worn. They don't get your attention like the others do! The packaging of these two posters, do not sell what they want from you. "Wings for Victory" It looks like the rebellion the pilot is doing just fine on his own. nothing like stickin' it to ol' Darth Vader #thumbsup #LETSGO #blessed. there's no urgency to take action!

Even worse is the Empires layout. Though it conveys a simple message, ENLIST, in the poster there are hundreds of storm troopers. Looks like they have enough soldiers to me. And how could anyone be encourage to join the Empire, with their second, incomplete, vulnerable Death Star "proudly" in the sky. The first Death Star, the one that was fully operational, went boom. Hopefully they'll put some 2x4 over the exhaust vent this time.

The Empire's campaign doesn't make sense and is not very effective, neither posters are. The Rebellion's poster trivializes what they are doing, and what they are up against. While the Empire's poster makes you think about trading in all your Empire memorabilia, and living a quiet life on the Outer Rim where no one knows you were an Empire sympathizer.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Contrast, Balance and Harmony

Not only is this from one of my favorite artists, John Bramblitt, who is completely blind and paints the most colorful pieces of art that nobody WITH their vision could replicate. But this picture titled Chardonnay is a great example of the principles we have discussed in class. The contrast and color are similar here, instead of dark to light though, it's vibrancy and bare. To any of us and perhaps a professional artiste, the colors should belong on the figure in the portrait, not as some foreground curtain. the woman only has the 'bare' minimum drawn of her. Yet we get all the details we need. I feel Gestalt is represented here because the colors that should represent her are not representing anything, they are mixed and melted together on the opposite side of the picture, yet, it doesn't feel like an incomplete piece of art. Perhaps, metaphorically contrasting what her drink does to herself? pulling away her color leaving her empty, or maybe it helps spread her wonderful spirit. either way, out of all of his works (which you can visit his website here)

Chardonnay has a sense of harmony (like Yin and Yang) in its color, the balance and what the painting actually means. It would not be so contrasting if it were all in greens and blue. I can't help but to think, "Why didn't he just color in the lady like everyone else would?" "What makes the other side of her so important?" maybe it's because he understands that things, or in this case women, aren't always as they seem.

And I must reiterate, the artist is completely blind... 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Get to Know Me, a Visual Aid: or Sigmund Freud's Analogy of the Iceberg

Born Cody James Williams, 1988 on August 18th in Ogden, UT 
Parents almost named me Shane
bullet dodged
I've always had this "unhealthy obsession" with Superman
Whatever... I can handle it
You will never be Batman
Avid gamer
Beat Super Mario Bros. before I could talk
Relapsed Call of Duty-holic
Been riding motorcycles for most of my life
Lived in Saint George for most of my life
Hated Saint George for most of my life
Served an LDS mission in Jack Daniel's home state
#besttwoyears #blessed
Married the number 1 person on my "Top 10 people I can't live without" list
Current drug of choice
does it count as infidelity?
Bond Girl
'6'8'' 350 lb Geek
Built my own computer and Nintendo Entertainment System
In possession of a zombie apocalypse 72 hour kit
I love the water and catching crabs in Washington State
This is a Sun-Star Fish
It's the only thing we caught that day
I make the best damn Honey Whiskey BBQ Wings you'll ever eat
No celery
Aspiring Filmmaker
My two dads
J. J. Abrams is living, what should have been, my life
Word Association

Visceral Response

The definition of "visceral" is -relating to deep inward feelings rather to the intellect- and the assignment is graded on design influences creating an affective consequence... Well, I could say that the contrast of the figure on the rocks compared to the distant haven could be either bleak or bewitching. Or I think there's a dynamic quality to the brushwork that, combined with the fluid composition, creates an almost Kandinsky-like emotional resonance.

But the pure and simple fact is that this painting brought a tear to my eye, the only painting to do so. I don't pretend to fully understand why or how, because when I look at it, I am at a loss of words. It is stupefying to me.

When it comes to painting(s) my wife is the artist. She paints with oils, chalk, acrylic, fruit and vegetable juices. Me, I'm the video expert. I set up and capture moving images. I could critique a film, not so much a painting.

I took a Humanities Through the Arts class in college from the wonderful Professor Melanie Hinton. She did open my eyes, perhaps not as fully as she would have hoped given her perseverance. I saw the paintings and sculptures and cave drawings. They're nice. But, nothing in that class captivated me as much as Caspar David Friedrich's "Wanderer above the Sea Fog."

This painting portrays how I feel everyday. Battling my own demons, wrestling with my own consciousness.
the feeling of futility...

After class I sat on a nearby couch, and stared at this painting. I'll admit it made me cry. But I would be surprised to hear that I was the first and only soul to do so.

It's beautiful yet Scary. Creates hope while instilling fear. A faceless wanderer at the top of his existence and, if metaphorically, at a crossroads. Where is he coming from? What is he doing here? What is ahead of him?

..."rocks" my friend says...