Monday, April 24, 2017

RISE FITNESS website/logo artifact

This is the logo I designed for our gym that was outfitted to exclusively provide people in wheelchairs a community to better themselves. The circular shape is not only inspired by the wheel, but state of one being a whole. A well rounded or complete individual, no matter the challenges.

(unfortunately, Autodesk would not let me change or add fonts, I think because I had the free version? this problem was evident in my website concept as well)

The landing page of the website would display the logo in the center, surrounded by the circle of like minded individuals coming together around RISE FITNESS to make them part of pie. no scrolling or confusing tool bars. simply select one of the eight options and a new page would  open giving you all the information you would need. in the background, ordinary people who have become extra-ordinary.

(I knew I wouldn't find the exact template I wanted to create. so I drew this one up as a visual concept)

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